VK SOTA CW practice files

I’m in the process of getting my CW back up to speed (I only did Novice CW in 1978 and haven’t used it since!) in anticipation of building the MTRv2.

I’ve been using the K7QO code course which I’ve found to be very helpful. For SOTA, the ability to copy summit references would appear to be a key requirement, so I’ve been working on creating a K7QO style set of audio files using random Australian SOTA summit references.

I’ve also put together sets of random VK SOTA call signs based on all the activators and chasers logged in the SOTA database who have done at least one CW contact (let me know if you want me to remove your call sign for any reason).

If anyone else is interested in these files, here they are:

All VK Summits – Random sets of all VK SOTA summits in CW – Zipped MP3 format – approx 18MB

VK1/2/3/5 Summits – Random sets of all VK1/2/3/5 SOTA summits in CW – Zipped MP3 format – approx 18MB

VK SOTA call signs – Random set of VK SOTA call signs – Zipped MP3 format – approx 12MB

Answers – Document with transcripts for all of the above – PDF

Let me know if you find any errors or other problems with them.

Hope you find them useful!