Alpine activating (and two winter regulars – 12 July 2017)

For the fifth year running I returned to two regular winter summits – Mt Loch (VK3/VE-005) and Mt Hotham (VK3/VE-006) as part of our school holiday ski trip to Mt Hotham. Rather than write the usual narrative which would read very similarly to the previous four activations (see 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016), I thought I would spend this post documenting what I’ve learned about activating snowy Australian mountain tops (however I have included photos from this activation to provide some visual relief!)  Continue reading

Three summits around Eildon – 17/18 June 2017

This year, my daughter is attending a year 9 live-in programme in the foothills of the High Country east of Lake Eildon. This weekend, they had an open day and so naturally I wanted to visit her to see how she was going. This provided a bonus opportunity to activate some nearby peaks. I had wanted to do Mt Torbreck (lead photo) for some time and this proved a good opportunity, so I planned a late Saturday activation followed by an overnight at the Barnewell Plains picnic ground. With an early start on Sunday morning, I could squeeze in an early morning activation before travelling to the open day and then there would be time for a late afternoon activation on the way back to Melbourne. As it happened, the weather co-operated and I managed to achieve all these objectives. Continue reading